Boxer Puppies For Sale

We have an ongoing discount on our boxer puppies for sale. We do this yearly to encourage those who love boxer puppies but can’t afford one due to the high price. This has helped us build a good reputation over the years. In search for a cheap boxer puppy for sale from a reputable breeder? Click link below to see available pups.

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A little About Us

Breeding these boxer puppies helps my family and i become much closer. We all know a dog is man’s best friend, it is from this we derived the name of our website. Just from home we raise and breed all of our boxer pups. Sometimes people ask me whether i prefer white boxer puppies, black boxer puppies or fawn boxer puppies. Really what i think matters most is how well you bond with your dog. The color does not really matter to me. But if i must choose, i will definitely have to go with the white boxer puppies. All of our pups receive just the best health care, love and really do get so much attention. Actually we see all our boxer dogs as part of our family hence treat them as such. Click here to check out some of our available boxer puppies for sale. Read More

Getting A Boxer Puppy From Us

It is very common for people to face difficulties deciding whether or not they actually are fully prepared to get a new pet. Personally, i believe it requires a lot of thinking. It will just be sad to get a pet, say boxer puppy for instance if you are not ready to take proper care of the little cutey! That is the main reason why prior to given out any of our boxer puppies, you must have proven to be the perfect fit and must be very willing to take out time to care for the dog. Even if you are searching for boxer puppies for sale near me. You can still get  a pup from us since we ship.

Guidance After Taking In One Of Our Boxer Puppies For Sale

Sometimes some people actually want to get one of our dogs but have never owned a boxer dog before. In such a case i will be your guide through it all teaching you all you need to know. The feeding and basic care is not all complicated. It is not easy to see a good breeder of boxer dogs so when you come across one such as myself! lol you just have to consider yourself lucky.

A breeder who provides health guarantee, health records and support is the perfect one to get your pup from. There are people who are on the look out for, boxer puppies for sale near me or maybe cheap boxer puppies for sale. On our website, we have provided some really helpful info which will guide you on making sure you choose the right breeder. Also check out our blog page for useful tips and cute funny photos and videos. Some might just make your day!

Available Boxer Puppies For Sale

Now is just the best time to get your dog. All of our pups will come with a starter kit, 1 year health guarantee and all the health records as well. Again, our ongoing discount you can get a cheap boxer puppy for sale. See featured images below,click on see more button to view all available boxer pups.

Name: Thor

Gender: Male ( Black Boxer Puppy)

Name: Bambi

Gender: Male ( Fawn Boxer Puppy)

Name: Max

Gender: Male ( Fawn Boxer Puppy)

We now have an option which permits anyone to make a post on our website. So if you have a boxer puppy for sale and need help getting a home for them.  Click here to contact us. Fill out the form and submit your ad to us for review. If what you are offering is a cheap boxer puppy for sale. You need to explain why and provide health records.


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Top 10 Cute Boxer Puppies Of The Week

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Cheap Boxer Puppies For Sale. Benefit From Discount!

Have you always loved boxer pups but because of the price it just is not easy for you to get one? Surely you must be wondering are there cheap boxer puppies for sale, and if so how am i guaranteed that i’ll get a healthy dog. Well with our yearly discount it is possible to get a cheap boxer pup which will have a one year health guarantee and will come with all health records.

The discount is usually limited to just a given time period so it’s best to get your dog when the discount is still up. See our available puppies. I wrote an article specifically for this just to help out so many people. For some people they might have breeders just in their city or a city close by who has boxer puppies for sale. Some of them charge very high prices, other medium and some low. I wrote an article on my blog which throws more light on cheap boxer puppies for sale. There are certain things you must take into consideration before making a purchase. See blog post

Why Us?

Health and Basic Care

It is extremely important to ensure that your boxer pup is perfectly healthy and free from any diseases which can be transferred to humans. Being a family person i clearly understand the essence of this.

All of our dogs get the utmost best health care. I always encourage vet visits. Also, all of our available boxer puppies for sale without a doubt would pass any health test. It doesn’t matter if it’s the discount period and we are offering cheap boxer puppies for sale. They are no different than the pups we let go at the regular price.



Even if you have never owned a boxer dog before but you want one so badly and very willing to learn all you can about their feeding and basic care. I’ll be there for you guiding you through each step. No one can ever know everything or be utmost perfect.

So even for those who have owned and raised boxer puppies before, i still give some tips and welcome any ideas or suggestions they have to offer. Knowledge is best when shared and even more better when exchanged for more knowledge.

Delivery Process & Pickup

We accept pickup and we also do deliveries. So if you are searching for boxer puppies for sale near me. You need not worry since we also deliver for those who are unavailable to come for pickup. Finding boxer puppies for sale just got a whole lot easier. 

 Boxer Puppies For Sale Near Me

Pickup Of Pups

Pickup is definitely an option. We accept pickup for those who would love to come get their boxer puppies by themselves. We highly encourage it since it is a very nice way to get to know the new owners of our pups more. A reservation deposit is required and pickup of all boxer pups are accepted on weekends only.

Delivery Of Pups

If in case you are unable to come for pickup, we can deliver to your location. Doesn’t matter if you are in a different state since we ship to several states in the US. Now even if you are located in Ohio, you don’t need to bother yourself about whether or not you are able to find boxer puppies for sale in Ohio. Since we can ship to you. The shipping fee varies, depending on where you are located but it is estimated to cost around $150 to $200

Process To Purchase A Boxer Puppy From Us

– Visit our available puppies page and then fill a form to contact us about which of our boxer pups you are interested in.

– You will need to answer a few questions which help us know a little about you. If we see you fit and capable to make a great home for our pups then we can get the whole process started. But if not, we will tell you why and what you need to do so as to become eligible to take in one of our boxer puppies for sale.

– Once you are considered qualified, we then make arrangements for either pickup or delivery. Also, you will receive a contract from us which you are to read through carefully and if you are okay with the terms, you can sign and send back to us.

– Next step will be making payments, we accept cash, zelle, cash app, ebay and amazon gift cards. For our active followers, they can win gift cards from us which can be used to make a purchase on our website.

– For those who prefer pickup, they will have to come all the way to our location to get the puppy.

– As for those who prefer delivery of their boxer puppies, all they need to do is send us their delivery details and decide on the date they want us to deliver. They can then either pickup at closest airport or we can arrange for a home delivery.


Here is a photo of my son Charlie and Jarvis. Charlie loves iron man so much and he sometimes wears his costume and will play with Jarvis. Well Jarvis is his sidekick and sometimes i help him organize a few missions around the house so he and Jarvis can get on it. Being a parent is amazing and raising these two brings me much Joy.