Cute boxer puppies for us all. Welcome to our website, this is the first post on the top ten cutest boxer puppies of this week. We are going to make posts on the top ten cutest boxers. If you have a boxer dog or pup which you think deserves to feature on our weekly posts. Feel free to send us an email and we will respond. The photos displayed here are not for sale. If you are interested in buying a boxer pup, check our available page to see which is ready to go.

1- This is the “Great Thinker”

Lol the expression on this cutey’s face looks like he just asked a question and is waiting for a response or is thinking on whether he likes you or not. Again, this photo as some of the reasons why you should consider buying a boxer pup for yourself. It is like having a best pal.

cute boxer puppies
Cute boxer puppy

2- The “I am trying to nap, just leave me alone” Face

This lil fella clearly looks like it’s nap time and she just wants to be left alone.

Cute boxer puppies

3- Happiness All Around Me

Clearly there is a lot to be excited about today. The weather is beautiful, I’m having fun and my teeth are so little it makes you go Aaaawwww

4- I do not have a clue on what is going on

Looks like someone just woke you from sleep and asked you to pose for the camera.

5- I think i want to be left alone

Beautiful big brown eyes thinks it is a good time to enjoy the weather, “alone”

cute boxer puppies

6- Cute Boxer Puppy, I’ll like a treat please

I would really love a treat right now, would you like to watch me do a few tricks.

cute boxer puppies

7- The lips gets me every time

Each time my face is held like this, i look like a little cute baby. One of the plus sides of owning a boxer dog is the idea that they always have something new and exciting which might just make your day. Furthermore, they are friendly, loving and just the best. Owning a boxer dog is truly an amazing experience.

8- Sleepy time for cute boxer puppies

I had a long day and now i think i deserve a good night’s long rest.

9- I’m already Sleeping

If you own a boxer you must be very familiar with this face.

cute boxer puppies

10: A beautiful day for a swim with cute boxer puppies

He looks like he was about to dive into the pool before this photo was taken. This is one cute boxer puppy.

cute boxer puppies
Cute Boxer Puppies

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